In a merging accident, who’s at fault?

Merging accidents are widespread in West Virginia as well as other states. They usually happen because one or both of the drivers did something unsafe to force the merge. Here's some information about merging accidents if you're wondering who's usually at fault in such incidents. Contact a personal injury law firm Huntington[...]

Is There a Cap on the Damages I Can Receive After Medical Malpractice?

You might be considering talking to a WV personal injury attorney about a possible medical malpractice suit. Maybe you're wondering how much you can get in your settlement and if there's a cap on the settlement amount. These are some of the answers to your questions.  Do You Qualify for Medical Malpractice?  The first[...]

Is visitation required when I have full custody?

You may be wondering about visitation and custody if you're thinking about divorcing your spouse. You might want to know if you're required to provide your spouse with visitation rights if you have full custody. A divorce attorney Huntington WV office can answer any questions you may have about that. Here is some information[...]

Four Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

It is a desire for every couple to live together forever. In case of disagreements and life-threatening situations, marriage specialists advise such couples to separate in an honorable manner by filing a divorce. A divorce is an emotional experience that can lead one to make financial decisions, which you may regret later. It[...]

What are the Potential Damages I can be Compensated for After a Crash?

Huntington Car Accident Attorneys The damages you may receive after an automobile accident is based on a number of factors. There is no clear cut figure because every automobile accident is different. Settlements vary wildly. You could get a few thousand or even a few million. If you experience a personal injury Huntington[...]